RUSH Auto Works is quickly building a network of Dealers and Service Centers across the country. Our Dealers are well-respected and connected in the motorsport community and will strive to offer the best sales and after-sales support possible for our cars.

Please feel free to contact one of our dealers directly.

If you are interested in becoming a Dealer please contact us directly.

RAW Dealers

Turn 17 Garage
RMMP Alberta CA
Turn 17 Garage located at Rocky Mountain Motorsports Park in Alberta are the exclusive dealer and importer for Western Canada for all RAW products, contact Steven Tory @ (403) 389-9334 / [email protected]
Rush MX
Mexico City
Rush MX founders of the Rush MX Spec Series are the exclusive dealer and importer for Mexico for all RAW products. Contact Pablo Guzman @52 55-3041-9756/ [email protected] or Marcelino Pineda @ 52 55-6209-4871/ [email protected]
Rapscallion Motorsports
Dallas, TX
Our official RAW dealer in Dallas Texas area. Rapscallion Motorsports cover all your Rush needs from MSR Cresson to Eagles Canyon raceway! Call 817-396-4831 to get your Rush NOW!
GT International
Frenchtown, NJ
Bill Thomas and Kurt Nehlig, founders of GT International located in Frechtown, New jersey are an official dealer for all RAW products! Contact them @ 908-313-4482 / [email protected]
Fresno Powersports
California Distributor
Fresno Powersports, located in Fresno California, is our official California Distributor for all RAW products. Contact with Jeff Schneider @ 559 760 3138 / [email protected]
Podium Club @ Attesa
Podium Club @ Attesa is Arizona Primary Rush dealer for the state of Arizona! The Rush SR is the official club car for the newly developed, state of the art Podium Club. Contact Podium Club to get all RAW needs and services across the state of Arizona!
J&A Racing
Harris Hill, TX
J&A Racing located at Harris Hill Raceway, San Marcos, Texas, is an official dealer for all Raw products. Contact Andrew Hollister @ 214-797-0955 / [email protected]
Meyers Performance
Club Motorsports, NH
Meyers Performance, located at Club Motorsports New Hampshire, is an official dealer for all Raw products. Contact Bruce Meyers @ 603-581-8865 [email protected] or Susie Leiper @ 603-387-8193 [email protected]