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  • Base Car
  • RUSH SR Base Race Car

  • Race Package
  • Seat
  • Small Seat

  • Chassis
  • Safety
  • Harnesses
  • Sabelt Steel Series 6pt Harness

  • Fire Suppression
  • 2.5lb Manual SFI Fire Extinguisher

  • Steering
  • SR GT-Style Steering Wheel

  • Battery
  • Fuel
  • Data Logging
  • Extras
  • Total

Base Car

RUSH SR Base Race Car

The base Rush SR comes with:

  • 4130 Chrome Molly / Docol R8, Tig Welded Chassis, Powder Coated Black C/W Front Crash Box, Rear Crash Frame and Tegris Anti Intrusion Panels.
  • 5 Gal FIA FT-3 Fuel Cell & Fuel System.
  • RAW 1 Liter In Line 4, Sealed, Engine C/W 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox, All Engine Sensors And Systems, ECU, Exhaust & Adjustable Dual Silencers
  • RAW LSD Drive Line C/W Standard Final Drive Ratio, 4130 Axles, CV Joints w/ Boots.
  • RAW SR Independent Suspension & Billet Uprights C/W Camber Shims, RAW Adjustable Shocks Fitted w/ Standard Springs.
  • RAW 274mm Vented Floating Disc, Brake System C/W Billet 4 Pot Calipers & Competition Pads
  • RAW Adjustable Billet Pedal Box w/ Adjustable Bias.
  • RAW Steering Rack, Column, Wheel C/W Quick Connect, Tie Rods & Steering Arms.
  • RAW GRP 20-pc Body, C/W Front Splitter & Rear Diffuser, & All Fasteners. Body in Standard White & Black Base.
  • RAW 13" x 7" & 13" x 8.5" Aluminum Race Wheels, Black Finished, Fitted w/ Nankang AR-1, 205/60R13 Rear and 185/60R13 Front.
  • Final Inspection & Testing Prior to Release for Shipment.

In 2022, Rush Auto Works updated pricing and options on the Rush SR to meet real-world demand. Now, all cars come with our incredible in-house paddle-shift system which enables clutchless up- and downshifts while lapping. Additionally, we've upgraded our standard belts, safety equipment, and dash, ensuring that all drivers are receiving a top-of-the-line vehicle in all aspects, including safety, looks, and performance.


NOW Included w/ Base Car AboveValue US$
RAW Pneumatic Paddle Shift System (No Lift Shift, Blip Assist)$4,785.00
RAW Fiberglass Seat, Small$395.00
RAW Seat Mount Lower$235.96
Rib Tech Seat Bolt Kit$72.00
Sabelt 6 Point Harness, Steel Series$298.00
RAW Mirror Set$82.56
2.5Lb Fire Extinguisher$29.50
RAW Anti Intrusion Nerf Bar Kit$936.40
RAW Rear Tow Hook$168.00
RAW Seat Back Mount$148.00
Carbon Fiber Dash$279.00
RAW Aluminum Fuel Filler Bezel$145.00
Total Options Included In Base Car$7,574.42
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