RUSH Auto Works Inc.

RUSH Auto Works Inc. founded late 2017, as a subsidiary of DAMZ Inc., to develop, market and produce affordable, high performance race and track-day cars. The company ethos is simply that, every vehicle we build will be a rush to drive, Guaranteed!

Beyond this we have a vision that high performance motorsport has reached such stratospheric pricing that the normal man simply can’t afford to get in. Our first car the RUSH SR, has been designed from the ground up to address that issue. It provides an affordable platform and yet exudes technology and performance typically found in vehicles costing three to ten times as much.

Company founder, David Hosie, has applied his 35 years of product design, manufacturing and development knowledge to the design of the car to allow volume manufacturing of the car at a low cost, permitting the car to be sold at a highly competitive price point. The design has been optimized for production, reliability and longevity to not only keep the cost of the car down, but to also ensure that our customers also enjoy an operating cost significantly below that of our primary competition.

The RUSH Auto Works facility, located on the West side of Houston, is in a 17,500 sqft unit where we have our own 5 Axis CNC machines for machining of body plugs, composite manufacturing facilities and in house chassis fabrication facilities.

While the chassis and mechanical system design is led by David, our product line vision is the creation of our Chief Designer and Stylist, Michael Young. Michael is responsible for the conceptual styling of the SR, the GT-R, GT-S and our other powersport products currently under conceptual development. Michael’s work in the past has included design and styling projects for Sector 111, Palatov Motorsport and Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus! The design essence of our entire range of cars incorporates a modern “GT Prototype” style consistent with the direction being taken by the WEC for future prototype, endurance race cars.

While Covid 19 certainly impacted our 2020 plans, it gave us the opportunity to grow the parent company through launch of our SaniBoXX line of Race Helmet decontamination units. This has also helped expand our team to include Cale Blevins as our Sales Manager, Patrick McCabe as a Design Engineer and also to launch our facilities in Europe, DAMZ Europe BV, where Steven Moulaert is our General Manager.

Cale joins the team bringing significant sales management experience from an number of market verticals including product sales and entertainment marketing. Patrick recently graduated from UT Austin with a BS AE were he led the UT E-FSAE team for a number of years. His aerospace and automotive experience are already proving valuable to the team.

DAMZ Europe BV, Based in Bruges, Belgium, is headed up by Steven Moulaert, having had several years of work and business ownership within the motorsport arena.

David Hosie
Founder and Principal
David graduated from Robert Gordon University with an HNC in mechanical engineering. During his professional career he has led design teams for both large and small O&G product & services companies. In addition to his many years of racing experience he also owned a 5 car Formula Renault team competing in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
Michael Young
Chief Designer & Stylist
Michael studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design and has spent several years working at the Zukun Plan Design Studio. His prior Automotive projects and involvement include the Sector 111 Draken, Paltov DP5 and several designs for Scudaria Cameron Glickenhaus.
Cale Blevins
Sales Manager
Cale brings 20 years of professional sales and marketing expertise to the company having spent 6 years in high level product market testing in the New York, Pennsylvania and Texas markets. He has founded and developed companies from the ground up including his own food services, hospitality and entertainment company.
Patrick McCabe
Design Engineer
Patrick is a recent Graduate from UT Austin, where he earned his BS AS and launched his base in Automotive engineering while leading the UT Electric Formula SAE team for a number of years. He is also a self stated CNC Junkie, an atribute that brings additional tallent to our inhouse 5 axis milling capabilities!
Steven Moulaert
General Manager, DAMZ Europe BV
Steven heads up or new European division, Based in Bruges Belgium, DAMZ Europe BV is well situatted to serve our customers throughout Europe & the Middle East. Steven brings a strong Motorsport background in Sales and Technical support and it leading growth of the full DAMZ product line.
SaniBoXX Ride Safe and the RUSH SR

MSR Houston with the SR and the rest of the team!

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