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The best part is the price! The Rush SR is only $39,875.
This price now includes over $7,500 of options!

About the Rush SR

What makes the Rush SR unique?

The secret is lightness. At its svelte size and weight, the RUSH SR can use simpler, less expensive, and more reliable components all around. With a horsepower/weight ratio similar to a GT3 car and topping most Spec Racers, the RUSH SR maintains a best-in-class maintenance cost of just $3,000-$3,500/year for 8 race weekends. Even a Spec Miata can cost as much as $8,000-$10,000 to run for the same amount of time!

RUSH Auto Works Inc. was founded late 2017 to develop, market and produce affordable, high performance race and track-day cars. The company ethos is simple: every vehicle we build is a rush to drive, guaranteed!

High-performance motorsport has reached such stratospheric pricing that the typical person simply can’t afford to compete. The RUSH SR is designed from the ground up to be accessible. It is an extremely affordable platform, yet it exudes technology and performance typically found in vehicles costing three to ten times as much. The RUSH SR comes standard with a no-lift and auto-blip paddle-shifted sequential transmission and can be driven on slicks. On most major platforms, the cost of a dry sump and sequential transmission alone is well over the cost of an entire RUSH SR,

​The RUSH SR leaves competitors with dust in their nostrils – and leaves you with enough in your wallet to stay on track all season long!

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