The RUSH SR is our entry level race car. Don’t let it’s size, 1000cc engine or its price let you think for a second that this is not a high performance race car! With a power to weight ratio of 375 hp/MT the performance is close to a GT-3 Cup Car! And the sound is amazing!

Lap times on road courses are similar or faster than that of other entry point “prototype” Sport Racers! The paddle shift, clutch-less up-shift gearbox, is a feature typically found only on the most exotic track day cars and our suspension system offers significant tuning capabilities while maintaining a high level of reliability. Did we mention our 274 mm Billet aluminum brakes with 4 pot calipers all round, this “BMF” stops! Final drive is through a 12 plate adjustable LSD with 2 diff ramps.

The chassis features a front and rear crash structure, a triple roll bar, composite side anti-intrusion panels and optional 2.5 lb. fire extinguisher and a FRP or Carbon seat with five point harness.

The GRP bodywork is formed from 20 panels to allow for easy, low cost, replacement of damaged panels. These panels for front and rear clam-shells that are held in place by aerocatches for fast removal.

The whole design has been done to keep costs down. Even the size of the car permits it to be run on many of the larger competition karting tracks, so you don’t even need to take out a loan to join the local Motorsports Country Club. The Rush SR can also fit 2-wide in many on-track garages or can be turned sideways to fit as many as 3 in a single bay.

The best part is the price! The Rush SR is only $39,875.

This price now includes over $7,500 of options!

Interested in a Rush SR, or just have questions? Fill out the form below and we will get you in contact with our team.

We do all sales, design, engineering, and assembly in the same facility in Houston, which means you will get quality service and precise information directly from the people who design, build, and race the car.

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