“Simplify, then add lightness” – Colin Chapman

The Rush SR is a purpose-built race car that is cheaper to run, more fun to drive, and faster than all but the best-prepped track-day specials. When you drive a Rush SR, not only will you be nimbler than the rest of the pack, but your enviable 11,800rpm redline and incredible power/weight means you’ll spend far more time at the front of the pack than the Corvettes, Porsches, and Mustangs.

Driving: It couldn’t be easier. The Rush SR features a no-lift and auto-blip paddle-shifting system, unheard of on a car under $100,000. This means you only use the clutch to get started – and don’t touch it again until you’re back at the paddock. Our proprietary system can shift smoothly 3 times a second – try doing that with a stick. Left-foot braking can give you even more of an advantage, and placing the car on every apex couldn’t be easier due to the open sightlines and central seating position.

Performance: Lap times on road courses are similar or faster than that of other “prototype” Sport Racers! And don’t think it’s vintage – the Rush SR features a clutchless paddle shift, typically found only on the most exotic track day cars. Our suspension system offers significant tuning capabilities while maintaining a high level of reliability. With 274mm billet aluminum brakes and 4-pot calipers all round, this “BMF” stops! Final drive is through a 12 plate adjustable LSD with 2 diff ramps, and your final gear ratio can easily be changed in a matter of minutes to suit your track, allowing you to set top speed anywhere from 125mph to 152mph.

Rush SR chassis and anti-intrusion plating. Frontal crash box not yet attached in this photo.
Chassis and anti-intrusion plating

Safety: Small doesn’t mean unsafe. In fact, quite the opposite. Safety is a top priority at RAW. Our chassis features a front and rear crash structure, a triple roll bar, optional class-leading Trident cockpit safety structure, deep sidepod nerf bars, anti-intrusion panels, optional integrated fire suppression, and seat with six-point harness. You won’t get this level of side-impact and anti-intrusion protection from most GT cars!

Maintenance: The front and rear clips come off without tools, giving you full access to the entire car: engine, suspension, electronics and more are incredibly easy to access. You’ve never worked on a car this easy to live with. Many of our owners do their own maintenance, because it’s fun, not frustrating. But if you don’t want to, your mechanic will thank you for giving them a job with easy access!

Costs: The bodywork is formed from 14 panels to allow for easy, low cost, replacement of damaged panels. In fact, all panels are small enough to ship in a UPS box, saving you serious money compared to large crated parts like those on a Lotus, Radical, or other Sports Racer! Both front and rear clips can be taken off quickly and without tools.

With lightness comes inexpensive consumables. The Rush SR is so light on tires and brakes that we estimate an annual run cost of just $3,000-$5,000, assuming 8 track weekends with 8 25-minute session per year (approximately 27 hours of runtime/year). This trounces competing spec series, such as Formula Ford, NP01, Spec 911, and Spec E46, with faster lap times, more revs, better visibility, and lower initial cost, and most importantly, better safety.

The Rush SR is easy to run, easy to move, and easy to store. The Rush SR can also fit 2-wide in many on-track garages or can be turned sideways to fit as many as 3 in a single bay, and it can even fit on a $30/day 12′ rental utility trailer.

The best part is the price! The Rush SR is only $39,875. This price now includes over $7,500 of options!

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We do all sales, design, engineering, and assembly in the same facility in Houston, which means you will get quality service and precise information directly from the people who design, build, and race the car.

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Rush SR Brochure



  • RUSH S-1000 1-Liter Inline Four, Dyno tested & sealed!
  • 145 WHP with 11,800 rpm rev limit
  • RAW ECU with RAW Flash
  • SS Headers with x-over and dual silencers


  • 6-speed pneumatic shift system with no-lift shifts & auto-blip – no clutch needed while driving
  • RUSH final drive with adjustable LSD
  • Adjustable final drive ratios to suit track configuration


  • Fully adjustable RAW suspension system with front and rear unequal length A-arms
  • Billet aluminum uprights with adjustable camber and toe
  • Adjustable sway bars front and rear
  • Two-way adjustable RUSH Shock with adjustable spring rates


  • RAW 13″ x 7″ Front & 13″ x 8.5″ Rear Aluminum Race Wheels, Black Finished
  • Fitted w/ Nankang AR-1 tires, 185/60R13 Front and 205/60R13 Rear


  • Length: 3325mm / 130.9″
  • Wheelbase: 1900mm / 75″
  • Width: 1500mm / 59″
  • Height: 990mm / 38.9″
  • Weight: 513kg / 1130lbs


  • TIG Welded primary space frame structure. 1½” SQR Section 4130 primary tubing with Ducol R8 1¼” Round Cross Bracing
  • Dual 1¾” Ducol R8 primary rollbar system
  • Composite Tegris anti-intrusion panels
  • Front Aluminum crash box and rear crash structure
  • 5 Gal FIA FT-3 Certified Fuel Cell (dual tank optional)


  • GRP Body panels, under floor and rear diffuser
  • Front and rear quick connect multi-piece clam shells with aerocatch primary attachment


  • RUSH 4-piston Billet calipers front and rear, clamping 274 x 25mm floating 26-vane disk brakes
  • Dash-mounted brake bias adjustment

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