Introducing the Rush SRX

“Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere” – Colin Chapman

So, we did both….

Meet the Rush SRX: the new standard in Pro level performance track and race cars.

We added 70% more horsepower, more tire, twice the aero, and minimal extra weight. This is a real RUSH.

Some want a pro level car that can compete with the performance of LMP3, GT3, and other prototypes, while offering an visceral experience beyond GT car levels. The Rush SRX delivers.

Like the Rush SR, the SRX is set at a price to performance level unattainable by other marks. It’s the Rush SRX for eXtreme – but some have suggested its moniker should have been I for Insane!

The SRX is not replacing the RUSH SR, which will always be our base car and the friendliest option for most drivers. SRX grids will be smaller, faster, and more competitive.

The Rush SRX adds:

  • The RUSH Turbo built engine package with 220 whp and an additional 30 whp of Push to Pass – on pump gas!
  • 10.5” rear and 8.5” front wheels with full slicks all around.
  • A wide body kit to swallow the wheels and tires.
  • Double the front aero downforce from the eXtreme front splitter and carbon fiber dive planes.
  • A custom carbon fiber dual element rear wing with DRS.
  • A standard Trident cockpit safety system.
  • And more!

Yes, a total of 250 hp (minimum) in an eXtreme package that still comes in under 1200 lbs. That’s 4.8lb/hp: better power/weight than a Ford GT (5.08lb/hp) or a 1500cc Radical SR3 XXR (6.03lb/hp)!

This is not for the faint of heart. The SRX will test any driver’s competence to be the NUT behind the wheel. You must to keep a calm mind, time your shifts, manage the power, modulate the brakes and look after your tires. The DRS wing and time-limited Push-to-Pass add significant strategic pressure to your race. Don’t worry, with the optional Podium Connect system, your pit crew and friends will be able to see your success in real time – or not!

Who is the SRX for?

The SRX is NOT for everyone. It is based on the SR and inherits much of its friendly cost and maintainability, but the beginner-friendly balance of the SR is gone. The SRX is a monster that you will either control or will take you for a ride. Every ounce of you will be used in getting the most from the car. For those up to the challenge it will be exhilarating and will reward your finesse. If you come to race it in our SRX Pro Series, be ready to be up against the best. The competition will be fierce at this level, it will be “Pro Racing”.

The RUSH SRX shall race alongside the SR at our 2025 National series by GridLife. Entries for the SRX Pro Series shall be limited to 14 cars. These events will be a split class structure. SR contestants who have competed in 4 of our 2024 National events shall be awarded 2025 SR pre-registration privileges for the 2025 season, ensuring their spot on the grid.

How do I get one?

SRX Chassis 001, 002 & 003 will be delivered to RAW, Rush of California and Turn 17 Garage. Chassis 004 through 015 are reserved for those committing at the time of purchase to compete in the 2025 National series by GridLife SRX Pro class.

If you wish to order, please fill out the form below or call us. A configurator is coming soon.  All orders will be assigned chassis numbers following reservation, and shall be scheduled accordingly. All purchases will be screened for driver ability.


SRX Base price$83,675.00


1195lbs Dry Base Weight
220whp (Min) with 30whp on Push-To-Pass (180s / session) on Pump Gas Tune
SRX Wide Body Kit
8.5” Front Wheels with Super Soft 205 RUSH Spec Slicks
10.5” Rear Wheels with Super Soft 240 RUSH Spec Slicks
SRX Dual Element CF Rear Wing with DRS
GEN 3 CAN-based intelligent SCU (GCU + DRS + PTP)


SRX Extended Width Front Splitter

Large Capacity Air Tank

Trident Roll Bar

SRX High Bite Brake Pads
10 Gal Endurance Dual-Tank System
High Downforce Front Splitter with Dual Dive Planes

Dual Carbon Fiber Canards

Billet Splitter Brace Kit
RUSH V2 Shock System W/ External N2 Chambers
AIM MXS 1.3 Dash
SRX Rollbar Strobe package ( Yellow )
5lb Fire System with Nozzles
Sabelt Silver Series 6pt Seat Belt
Easy-Start Clutch Switch
Braille G30 H Lithium Battery
Billet Case Saver
Front Tow Strap

The Engine & Transmission

RUSH SRX Race-Prepared and Sealed Motor
Garrett GT2860RS Turbo W/ .63AR Tial V-band Hot-Side Housing
TurboSmart Comp Gate Wastegate
TurboSmart Raceport Gen V Blow Off Valve
RUSH Billet Air-to-Water Intercooler
Sidepod-mounted Intercooler Radiator W/ Fan
High-Volume Fuel Injectors
Wosner 10:1 Forged Racing Pistons
MaXpeeding H Beam 4340 Forged Rods
APR Rod and Main Bolts
High-Strength Valve Springs & Head Bolts
High-Flow Oil Pump
High-Pressure Oil Pressure Relief Valve
Remote Oil Filter, Cooler, and Pressure Sensor
28mm Forged 4340 High-Strength Transmission Output Shaft
DLC Coated Front Sprocket
RUSH High-Temp Race-Prepared CV Joints

Available Options

Carbon Fiber Double-Skin Pro Seat
Pro High-Precision Steering Wheel Quick-Connect
Quick-Lift Air Jack System
Center Lock Wheel System
Dual 1.5 Quick-Fill Dual Tank Filler
Automatic Chain Lube System
Podium Connect Mk2 Telemetry System

SRX Key Features

SRX Gallery

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We do all sales, design, engineering, and assembly in the same facility in Houston, which means you will get quality service and precise information directly from the people who design, build, and race the car.