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The first ever RUSH International Winter Series begins! It shall be contested over 2 weekends at The Podium Club at Attesa in Arizona during January 2024. The 2 double header events shall see the largest group yet of RUSH SRs contest the championship over 4 Heat and 4 Final events.

Each event will consist of a Friday practice, then W2W RUSH-only race groups on Saturday and Sunday. Rounds 1 & 2 will be organized by the SCCA AZ Region, and Rounds 3 & 4 will be organized by the NASA AZ Region.

This is a great opportunity to take part in one of the largest RUSH SR Mini Series to be run to date.

DateEventVenueTrackEvent Info
January 12Friday Test DayThe Podium Club at Attesa AZ REGISTRATION
January 12-14Rounds 1 & 2The Podium Club at Attesa AZ REGISTRATION
January 26Friday Test DayThe Podium Club at Attesa AZ REGISTRATION
January 27-28Rounds 3 & 4The Podium Club at Attesa AZ REGISTRATION

Series Details

We are excited to launch our first International Winter Series which will be hosted by The Podium Club at Attesa AZ. So its Winter in the Sun!

The first of the events shall be contested January 12-14 and will be run by the SCCA Arizona Region.

The second event shall be contested January 26-28 and will be run by NASA Arizona Region.

All drivers must have both a valid SCCA Membership and NASA Membership at the time of the appropriate event. Further ALL drivers must have at minimum a valid NASA or SCCA competition license (either will work), or an internationally recognized license issued by a FIA sanctioning body.

For both events, the 2023 RUSH Technical Regulations shall be in effect. Please note min weight with driver is 1325lbs.

Further please note that we will be administering stringent tech at these events. All RUSH tech regulations, all the way down to decal placement, MUST be adhered to, otherwise appropriate penalties shall be administered.



All entrants MUST purchase a 2024 RUSH International Winter Series Entry Membership at $150. This covers our paddock hospitality and series decals. The charge is the same whether you attend either or both events.

Entry Fees:

  • $395 for each Friday Practice day (Jan 12 and 26)
  • Rounds 1 & 2 are $795 total (Jan 13 and 14)
  • Rounds 3 & 4 are $795 total (Jan 27 and 28)

Please have your SCCA Membership, NASA Membership, and transponder number available at time of registration.

Drivers / Teams


Series Results / Standings