DateEventVenueTrackEvent Info
October 13Friday Test DaySonoma Raceway EVENT PAGE
October 14-15Rounds 1 & 2Sonoma Raceway EVENT PAGE
October 20-21Rounds 3 & 4Laguna Seca EVENT PAGE
October 22Fast Team BattleLaguna Seca EVENT PAGE

Series Details

We are excited to confirm that we have expanded the California Invitational to be the 2023 RUSH “California Dreamin” two event series. This Series is shaping up to be the largest event in RUSH history with two serious “Bucket List” tracks on back-to-back weekends.

Sonoma International Raceway (NASA)

The Sonoma event is unchanged from what was originally planned; However, we have added a Friday Test Day preceding the event. This test day will include five RUSH SR only test sessions during the day and has a separate registration fee of $395.

Saturday and Sunday will see our event hosted by NASA NorCal Region, The home of NASA! All drivers participating in this event MUST hold or purchase a NASA Membership, $69. This event is open to drivers to enter HPDE 2-4, Time Trial or Wheel to Wheel Racing inside of the NASA ST2 classification. We will certainly have our own start group and depending on the number of entries may be moved into a separate run group. So, hurry up and get registered, it will sell out! ST2 Entry is $549 for the two-day event. We will Have a minimum of three race heats two of which will be Finals with our own Podium. We will score the RUSH SR field separately from ST2 and Will not Score ST2 points during this event. Drivers from overseas with FIA based licenses will have their licenses accepted for the event by NASA.

Laguna Seca (GridLife)

Adding the Laguna Seca event into this series was not a difficult choice when the opportunity presented. Who does not want to run the Corkscrew! Beyond that we are stocked to have our first event with GridLife. They have taken this seriously by adding the RUSH SR into there W2W Racing program as a separate run group and we will be included in their live commentary and Video stream broadcast to over 100K followers! Further this is their first foray into the West Coast with a GridLife festival event. They are anticipating a fan base at the track of 10,000-20,000 so for a lot of us this will be our first time running in front of a large crowd! This is a three-day event, and we will have 3 run sessions per day. We will have practice, qualifying and a Final on Friday. Saturday will have a warmup heat and Final rounding off the “California Dreamin” Invitational Championship. Both Friday and Saturday are open Noise Days.

Sunday we are planning a fun structure with a warmup and two Team Time Trial sessions. Drivers from each region will compete as a team and the 4 fastest laps from 4 drivers from each region will be added together to determine the RUSH SR Fast Country. Will it be Canada, Mexico or the USA? One will take home the FAST RUSH TROPHY! Sunday is a 96db noise limit so exhaust db plates are essential. Grid Life have agreed to allow all drivers with Advanced HPDE, TT and racing experience into the group so we will all be running together! Registration for the entire weekend is $1,500, paid during Series registration.

Rule Set

For both the Sonoma and Laguna events the 2023 Rule Set shall be in effect. Please note min weight with driver at 1325lbs. https://rush.sr/resources/rush-spec-series-sporting-rules-and-regulations.28/

Sonoma 2-1


All Entries MUST purchase a RUSH 2023 “California Dreaming” Series Entry Membership for $250. This covers our paddock hospitality and a garage/tent pit spot during the events. The charge is the same whether you attend either, or both events.

When purchasing the Series Entry, you can also purchase entry to the Sonoma Test Day or the GridLife Laguna Series.


Registration for the NASA NorCal Sonoma Event (Oct 14-15, 2023) in ST2 is $549.

An additional Sonoma Friday Test Day (Oct 13) can be purchased with your entry to the Series for $395.

All entries to the Sonoma Event MUST either hold a NASA Membership or purchase one before registering for the event, $69.


Registration for the GridLife Laguna Seca 3 day event (Oct 20-22) is $1,500. Please select this registration while registering for the Series.

Series EntryNASA MembershipSonoma Test DaySonoma Race Day RegistrationLaguna Entry
Sonoma Oct 13-15RequiredRequiredOptional (select during Series Entry)Required
Laguna Oct 20-22RequiredRequired (select during Series Entry)

Sonoma Test Day and Laguna GridLife Entry fees are paid on MotorsportReg along with your Series Entry.

Drivers / Teams

Series Results / Standings