The RUSH SR Race Car, 360 Image

Options shown; FIA Rear brake light kit, Aim MXM Data logger dash, Black wheels



2022 RAW, NASA Florida Schedule

August 20-21 Sebring International Raceway, Highlands Country, Florida Rounds 1,2
September 16-17 Roebling Road Raceway, Bloomingdale, Georgia Rounds 3,4
October 22-23 Sebring International Raceway, Highlands Country, Florida Rounds 5,6,7
December 17-18 Sebring International Raceway, Highlands Country, Florida Rounds 8,9


2022 RAW, NASA Texas Schedule



Nola Motorsports Park, New Orleans, LA Rounds 1,2
October 29-30 MSR Cresson, Dallas, Texas Rounds 3,4
December 2-4 Eagles Canyon Raceway, Dallas, TX Rounds 5,6



The RUSH SR will have multiple Race Series launching in 2022. These independent series shall be hosted by NASA Pro Racing, Texas and Florida Regions, RUSH Mexico at Atlanta Motorsports Park and Turn 17 Garage based at Rocky Mountain Motorsport Park. These will serve as separate regional championships.

The RAW, 2022 Race Series will feature events at some of the most challenging tracks in the United States including Sebring, Daytona Speedway, Homestead, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez and the Newly constructed state of the art Rocky Mountain Motorsports Park

These championships will launch through the calendar year as sufficient RUSH SR cars are completed and in customer hands to make a series viable. Look to see our Winter series announcement soon that will tour from Homestead, to Sebring, to Daytona hosting a stacked field of RUSH SR’s

Marketing and sales efforts for our other regions are ramping up quickly, with demo cars being delivered to Primal, Turn 17 Garage and our dealers in California, New Jersey and Mexico.


2022 RUSH Mexico Race Series Schedule

June 11 Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Round 1
September 3 Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Round 2
October 9 DAM Round 3
November 12 Ecocentro Round 4
December 4 Amozoc Round 5


Turn 17 Garage Canadian Raw Championship

August 6-7 Rocky Mountain Motorsports Park Rounds 1,2


Rocky Mountain Motorsports Park Rounds 3,4

Outside of the RAW race series the RUSH SR can be run in any NASA sanctioned event across the USA in both ST and TT categories. Beyond this approval has been attained to run the car in FARA, CHIN Track Days, Hooked on Driving or Edge Addicts HPDE events.