The RUSH SR Race Car, 360 Image

Options shown; FIA Rear brake light kit, Aim MXM Data logger dash, Black wheels

2021 RAW, NASA Florida Schedule

June 19-20 Sebring International Raceway, Highlands Country, Florida Rounds 1,2
August 14-15 Sebring International Raceway, Highlands Country, Florida Rounds 3,4
September 16-19 Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida Rounds 5,6,7
October 16-17 Sebring International Raceway, Highlands Country, Florida Rounds 8,9
December 11-12 Homestead-Miami Speedway, Homestead, Florida Rounds 10-11


2021 RAW, NASA Texas Schedule


July 24-25 COTA F1 Circuit, Austin, TX Rounds 1,2
September 16-19 Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida Rounds 3,4,5
October 29-31 Texas Motor Speedway, Dallas, TX Rounds 6,7
December 3-5 Eagles Canyon Raceway, Decatur, TX Rounds 8,9



The RUSH Auto Works RUSH SR will have its inaugural Race Series launched in 2021, hosted by NASA Pro Racing Texas and Florida Regions as two separate regional championships. In addition, a RAW series Hosted by Primal Racing will be hosted at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

The RAW, 2021 Race Series will feature events at some of the most challenging tracks in the United States including Sebring, Texas Motor Speedway, Homestead and the prestigious COTA F1 Circuit. The series will also travel to Daytona for its inaugural visit to the NASA National Championships!

The RAW Race Series will follow with NASA Pro Racing scheduling and RAW defined calendar. RAW Series events will be hosted and sanctioned by NASA. The series will have its own run group, points, and podium ceremonies in the event of 15 entries into the class. If entry requirements are not met the RAW series will run in NASA’s ST2 class, however will be awarded its own start and its own point scoring.

All RAW spec rules apply to racing participation and will be handled by NASA Technical inspectors.

Series Entry Fees

Series Entry Fees shall be the standard NASA Pro Racing fees, payable for each practice day / race / event. In addition, there will be a RAW administration fee of $ 100 per Weekend per entrant. The NASA Pro Racing entry fee varies event to event, and it is impossible for us to determine this exact cost at this time, however historically this has been in the order of $ 350-500 / event. COTA and the NASA Nationals typically are a slightly higher entry fee. NASA will administer entries through their website.

2021 RAW, Primal Race Schedule

July 24 Atlanta Motorsports Park Round 1
August 14 Atlanta Motorsports Park Round 2
September 11 Atlanta Motorsports Park Round 3
October 23 Atlanta Motorsports Park Round 4

Outside of the RAW race series the RUSH SR can be run in any NASA sanctioned event across the USA in both ST and TT categories. Beyond this approval has been attained to run the car in FARA, CHIN Track Days, Hooked on Driving or Edge Addicts HPDE events.