The RUSH Auto Work product line of cars has been launched with the RUSH SR Spec Race & Track Day car powered by our 1000 cc 145 HP In-Line 4 engine. This initial race car has been designed and developed to promote low cost competition while still providing performance and technology of cars costing many times more. The car features a 4130 Chromoly chassis, paddle shift, a LSD and many other features.

Our entire ethos as a company is to bring the world of Motorsport to a larger audience by making it affordable for the every day man! The RUSH SR is the culmination of 2 years of design and development work where every step was governed by this simple principle!. That said don’t think that the RUSH SR is not a fully developed race car, with performance typical expected from cars costing in some case more than 10 times the price of the RUSH SR!


The RUSH SR is a single seat, full body, race and track day car, with 375 HP/MT providing a high level of performance and a top speed of 152 mph

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The RUSH GT Concept, is the vision and creation of our Chief Designer and Stylist, Michael Young, and it forms the styling base of our product line.

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