We would like to get you more Information!

RUSH Auto Works is now taking orders for our SR, 2021 race cars to be delivered early 2021.

Now that we have initial stock of all major components, production lead times are anticipated to be 16-18 weeks from placement of order.

Your order should include all accessories and options desired at the time of order to ensure these are included in your build and are ready with the car. There will be 3 payments due during the order cycle for your car as follows:

  • 60% Stage Payment on confirmation of your order and production schedule
  • 25% Stage payment at time of engine procurement
  • Balance of order + Any Taxes at time of completion

Pricing for the SR is FOB our factory, Houston TX. Customer can either pick their car up or have the car shipped. Destination charges are additional to order.

We would like to get you a full quotation for your SR and our options list, together with some addition information to make sure you have all you need to make a decision on your RUSH SR purchase! Please register with us below, so that we can get you a full quotation.

Please Register with us to get more information!