The RUSH GT concept is the “Flagship” of the RAW product line. It is the vision and creation of our Chief Designer and Stylist, Michael Young, and it forms the styling base that our entire product line has been based on and will be for many years to come. The SR and other products to come share the basic styling cues conceived through Michael’s vision of the GT.

The GT is currently a concept development utilizing a mid-mounted V8 engine / trans-axle platform built around a Carbon Fiber monocoque structure with chrome-molly tubular steel sub frames front and rear.

The Initial concept was conceived as a single seat, central drive position track / race car. The concept has been further developed to include a 3 seat version. Several versions of the car are planned as RAW grows its product offering. GT-R versions will be produced for homologation in GT4 / GT3 competition along with GT-S versions for Street and Track day applications.

The development of the car with a Carbon Fiber monocoque is a major development project and will not launch until RAW has developed our engineering and manufacturing groups through production of the SR and other powersport products.

If you have a seven figure budget and a desire to have the first RUSH GT, together with the exclusivity it brings we certainly would welcome discussing our plans in private.


The GT Carbon Fiber Tub

The GT 6.2L V8


The DCT 8 spd Transaxle