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2024 shall be the first year that our RUSH owners will have a chance to compete in a National Series across the USA in the RUSH National Series By GridLife. This series will be contested over 10 Events hosted by GridLife at five of their spectacular GridLife Festival Events. Each weekend will see a RUSH SR-only class compete in 2 double-header events, each with a heat and final race over the weekend.

In addition to the RUSH National Series By GridLife we will run 2 mini series within these events. The Battle of the North and The second USA Vs Canada Shootout.

GridLife will be live-streaming each of our events, allowing our customers access to great spectator coverage. This coverage will be available through the GridLife Twitch and YouTube feeds. The GridLife format for these broadcasts will be changed to a live 3-hour production for 2024 with a focus toward W2W racing, Drift and Time Attack.

The RUSH National Series By GridLife, Series Schedule
DateEventVenueTrackEvent Info
April 12-13Rounds 1 & 2Carolina Motorsports Park GridLife
June 28-29Rounds 3 & 4Mid Ohio Sports Car Course GridLife
July 26-27Rounds 5 & 6Road America GridLife
August 16-17Rounds 7 & 8 Lime Rock Park GridLife
September 27-28Rounds 9 & 10Laguna Seca GridLife
The RUSH Battle of The North, Series Schedule
DateEventVenueTrackEvent Info
June 28-29Rounds 1 & 2Mid Ohio Sports Car Course GridLife
July 26-27Rounds 3 & 4Road America GridLife
August 16-17Rounds 5 & 6 Lime Rock Park GridLife
The RUSH USA Vs Canada Shootout, Series Schedule
DateEventVenueTrackEvent Info
July 26-27Rounds 1 & 2Road America GridLife
September 27-28Rounds 3 & 4Laguna Seca GridLife

Series Details

We are excited to launch our RUSH SR National Series which will run at five fantastic events by the fastest growing series and promoter in the USA: GridLife.


These events shall see our RUSH SRs battling out a 10-round championship starting at Carolina Motorsports Park and moving to Mid-Ohio, Road America and Lime Rock Park before wrapping up the championship at Laguna Seca.

What a tremendous series of venues for our first National Series by GridLife!

All drivers must have, at minimum, a valid NASA or SCCA competition license (either will work), or an internationally recognized license issued by a FIA sanctioning body.

GridLife will be live streaming from the four events listed below. At these events all four of the RUSH SR races shall be live broadcast to Twitch and the Saturday Final Race shall be a feature in the the new 3hr GridLife Saturday Production Show.


GridLife Live Stream Events

GRIDLIFE South Carolina (Carolina Motorsports Park)
GRIDLIFE Road America (Road America)
Circuit Legends (Lime Rock Park)
GRIDLIFE Laguna (Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca)


For these events, the 2024 RUSH Technical Regulations shall be in effect.

Please note min weight with driver is 1325lbs. Further, we will be administering stringent tech at these events. All RUSH tech regulations, all the way down to decal placement, MUST be adhered to, otherwise appropriate penalties shall be administered.



Registration for the 2024 RUSH SR National Series shall be handled by GridLife.

Registration is not currently open for these events. We will update this page once this has been scheduled by GridLife.

Drivers / Teams